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Sagina decumbens

Common Name(s):

Pearlwort is in the Caryophyllaceae family. It is a spreading, moss-like cool-season annual, but under some conditions it may persist as a short-lived perennial. There are two species that are nearly identical (Sagina procumbens L. being the other speices) and have thin, awn-like leaves, 1/2 to 1 inch in length and can form dense mats. Flowers are white.

There are selections and related species sold in the garden trade for rock gardens or vegetation between pavers. Pearlwort prefers cool, moist conditions.

A prolific seed producer, seeds are borne in cup-like pods and spread by splashing water.  Pearlwort can be quite weedy and if plants are undesired, do not let them go to seed.  Mangaement strategies include improving drainage in areas where weed persists. Pearlwort is well manged by preemergence herbicides labled for this use. 


NCCES plant id: 3069

Sagina decumbens Sagina procumbens habit
Sagina decumbens Sagina procumbens stem
Sagina decumbens Sagina procumbens immature fruit
Sagina decumbens Sagina decumbens stem
Sagina decumbens Sagina decumbens flower