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Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei ‘Pocomoke’

Common Name(s):
Pokomoke crepe myrtle
Shrubs, Trees

"Truly amazing" are words use to describe the dwarf 'Pocomoke' crape myrtle.  Released by the U.S. National Arboretum in 1998, this cultivar features deep, rose-pink flowers in mid to late summer.  Perhaps the greatest attribute is its mature height.  'Pocomoke' will grow to 20 inches tall and have a spread of 35 inches.

'Pocomoke' thrives with the same cultural conditions as that of a typical crape myrtle plant.  Thansplant in full sun to ensure a beautiful floral display in July and August.

Like all crape myrtles, 'Pocomoke' is a deciduous shrub which drops its foliage each autumn.  This drought and disease tolerant plant needs a spacing of 3 fet between shrubs  Ideally suited for residential settings, 'Pocomoke' crpe myrtle can be included in large mass plantings or in small roups to create a low-growing hedge.  If seasonal color and a low growing mature height are important to you, then this is the showstopper plant for your garden.

20 inches
Showy flowers.,
7 to 9
Once established, needs little water.
35 inches
Growth Rate:
showstopper, cpp, show stopper

NCCES plant id: 3088