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Eclipta prostrata

Common Name(s):
Eclipta, False daisy
Annuals, Herbs

Eclipta is in the Asteraceae (daisy) family.  It is a summer annual with prostrate or ascending stems. Leaves are narrow and shallowly serrated. Stems are purplish in color and can root at the nodes. Plants germinate in late spring though summer. This species commonly grows in drain holes of containers. Plants can reach over 3 feet in height and width given sufficient space. Plants flower in summer and early fall then die after frost. Seedheads are white and ripening fruit are button-like. Although some preemergence herbicides will suppress this weed, it is difficult achieving high levels of control. Hand weeding large plants is difficult due to the extensive root growth and adventitious rooting of stems. 

summer annual weed
3 feet
3 feet

NCCES plant id: 3051

Eclipta prostrata Habit
Eclipta prostrata Stem
Eclipta prostrata Abaxial leaf surface
Eclipta prostrata Inflorescence
Eclipta prostrata Inflorescence
Eclipta prostrata Flower head