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Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.

Common Name(s):

Goosegrass, in the family Poaceae, is a summer annual grass that has a flattened, whitish base, leading to the common name silver crabgrass. Seedlings are generally prostrate in habit, but plants will produce upright shoots and flowering stems that can grow over the top of small plants. Stems do not root at the nodes. Goosegrass begins to germinate a few weeks after crabgrass. Plants flower in summer and early fall, and then die after frost. Although somewhat more difficult to control than crabgrass, most preemergence herbicides and selective postemergence grass herbicides labeled for use will manage goosegrass


NCCES plant id: 3043

Cyperus spp. Habit
Cyperus spp. Seedling
Cyperus spp. Sheath
Cyperus spp. Collar
Cyperus spp. Leaf
Cyperus spp. Inflorescence
Cyperus spp. Spikelets