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Dracaena sanderiana

Common Name(s):
Friendship bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, Lucky bamboo, Ribbon plant, Water bamboo

A plant that resembles bamboo but is not a true bamboo at all.  It can be grown hydroponically or in soil and its vertical habit makes it an ideal choice for small side yards or planter boxes.  It preformes well in containers with partail shade outdoors or bright light but indirect light indoors.   It requires moist soil and The bright green strappy leaves are widely spaced along the upright stems, giving the plant an open, airy appearance.  

It is a popular Feng Shui plant. 

3 feet
bamboo, houseplant, potted plant, house plant, container plant, hydrophonics, interiorscape

NCCES plant id: 2936

 Dracaena sanderiana Dracaena sanderiana
cthoyes, CC BY-NC-ND - 4.0