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Buddleja 'Blue Chip Jr.’ Lo & Behold® PP #19991

Common Name(s):
Blue Chip Buddleja, Blue Chip butterfly bush, Lo & Behold®, Lo & Behold® blue chip butterfly bush
‘Blue Chip Jr’, Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip Jr'

Few deciduous plants are as colorful in the summer garden as the butterfly bush, which is typically a 6- to 8-foot shrub. Thanks to the plant breeding efforts of Dr. Dennis Werner at NC State University, a hardy miniature Buddleja called ‘Lo & Behold Blue Chip’ is available for Carolina gardens.

‘Blue Chip’ has a symmetrical, compact spreading habit with violet-blue flowers. The blossoms are fragrant and possess malformed anthers that produce little to no pollen. Due to the tiny number of seed heads formed, ‘Blue Chip’ flowers prolifically throughout the summer and fall, with no need to deadhead spent blooms, providing beautiful color when few other shrubs are in bloom. Even if plants do not die to the ground in winter, they will grow more vigorously, produce more and larger flowers, and maintain a more attractive overall shape if cut close to the ground in late winter each year.

Butterfly bushes require full sun and decent soil drainage. Because of the low spreading habit (2 to 3 feet in height) of ‘Lo & Behold Blue Chip,’ it is perfect for use in the front of landscape beds or in mass plantings. As with most Buddlejas, ‘Blue Chip’ will attract butterflies and other pollinators in abundance. It is deer resistant, drought tolerant, and compact enough to grow in containers on your sunny patio.



Buddleja is a genus of about 100 species of mainly shrubs but also some trees and climbers. They are native to Asia, Africa and North and South America.  

Though deadheading is not necessary, removal of spent flower spikes during the growing season may encourage additional bloom.

Plant in borders, cottage gardens, rose gardens, or pollinator gardens.


Wildlife ValueAttracts butterflies and other pollinators seeking nectar.  Tolerates damage from deer and rabbits.

Insects, Diseases and Other ProblemsThis plant suffers from no serious insect or disease problems. Nematodes can be problematic. This cultivar is not considered to be invasive in the landscape (no suckers and few seeds).

2-3 feet
Blooms continuously all summer and until the first frost with showy blue fragrant flowers in spike-like terminal and axillary clusters. Does not require deadheading. Works well as a cut flower.
Symmetrical, compact, spreading
Does well in well drained soils. Tolerates clay.
1-2 feet
Elliptic leaves are gray green and reminiscent of willow.
rabbit resistant, small gardens, low maintenance, show stopper, showstopper, wildlife, fragrant, pollinator plant, mass planting, cottage garden, small spaces, cut flowers, deer resistant, evergreen

NCCES plant id: 3093

Buddleja  'Blue Chip Jr.’ Whole plant
J.C. Raulston Arboretum
Buddleja  'Blue Chip Jr.’ Flower
J.C. Raulston Arboretum
Buddleja  'Blue Chip Jr.’ Flower
J.C. Raulston Arboretum