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Abelia x ‘Rose Creek’

Common Name(s):
Rose creek abelia
‘Rose Creek’

Clusters of tubular-shaped, dainty white flowers cover this dwarf from of abelia.  'Rose Creek' was selected by the University of Georgia for its low-mounding growth habit, crimson stem color, mildly fragrant white flowers, and exceptionally long blooming period (May until frost).

Since its release in 2001, this shrub has excited gardeners and comercial growers with its landscape potential.  Growing 3 feet in height and 3 to 4 feet wide, this abelia can be used as a low hedge, foundation plant, and even in decorative outdoor containers.

This evergreen shrub has leaves that emerge in spring with a pinkish cast, turning a lustrous dark green in summer.  Wonderfully compact, 'Rose Creek' abelia will grow in full sun to partial shade.  Once established, it is very drought tolerant.

showstopper, show stopper

NCCES plant id: 3098