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Pollinator Garden- Partial Shade


This is a private garden in Cabarrus County, NC. It is close to the house and has some trees behind it which provide varying degrees of shade throughout the year. A small redbud tree is planted in the garden which will eventually get larger and provide some additional shade. 

Even though this garden can be seen from all sides, It was designed to be viewed from the patio. The distance from the back of the garden and the privacy fence is rather short and a shade garden is being developed along the fence. So as not to distract from each other, this design was used.

The December garden shows that pruning has not been done. This provides seeds for the birds, cover for small critters and some plants survive the winter better if left unpruned until late winter or early spring.

April 14, 2020- Everything is up except for the purple baptisia. Early bloomers are baptisia, salvia, and spiderwort. The vervain, Amsonia, and yarrow are showing flower buds.