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This private garden was started in October of 2017 and is in Cabarrus County, NC.  It was initially an oval garden with Knockout Roses of which were removed. It has since been enlarged twice and is a loose L shape approximately 15 feet long and 10 feet wide at its widest. Part of it is going into its 3rd winter and part into its 2nd winter and posted pictures were taken in Feb. 2020. The plants are not trimmed down until late winter or early spring. This provides seeds for birds, protection for small critters and some plants will survive the winter better if not pruned.

This is a walk-around garden that invites one to view it at different angles as opposed to one seen from one angle only. The center contains the plants that should become the tallest and cascade down to the lower growing plants on each border. A viburnum is planted in the middle and worked down from there. However, enlarging this bed provided a challenge to that. So at the shorter narrow "L" end asters were allowed to take over.

March 14, 2020- The weeding, trimming and mulching is complete. Most plants are up except for Joe Pye weed and the butterfly weed. It always looks so sparse when they first come up but keep in mind the mature size of your plants.

April and spring blooms have begun early and everything is growing. The winter was warm and spring has been wonderful. Early spring blooms are monardas, silene, veronica, salvia, coreopsis and verbena.