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Juniper Level Botanic Gardens: Sunken Pond Garden


The Sunken Pond is a cleverly disguised water catchment and rehabilitation area. All of the water from the Nursery and Garden is caught and siphoned to the pond, pumped back up to Mt. Michelle, a large man-made waterfall north of the pond, and flows back through the roots of trees and perennials before leaving the property. Hibiscus, irises, and other water-loving plants line the edge of the pond and provide stability and filtration, while also looking gorgeous.

Photograph A-C: This photo was taken on April 21 after the pollen had fallen. The Majestic Metasequoias provides a towering backdrop. In the forefront, the Baptisia ‘Ivory Towers’ are in bloom. On the other side of the brick path, the Sarracenia x excellens is blooming along with other species of Sarracenia. 

Photograph D: In March, the Dryopteris tokyoensis greet you as you enter from the Metasequoia walkway. The sunken pond showcases many bog and water-loving plants such as Louisiana Irises, Dasycalyx Hibiscus, a rare Texas Physostegia. Many plants lie dormant or waiting to flush out into their full glory later in the seasons. Construction began in 2004 featuring a bog garden Bioretention area, paved paths, sunken pond, winding steps, and a rock garden wall.

Photograph F: Metasequoias provide shade for the unfurled Dryopteris tokyoensis x ludoviciana (Southern ferns). Surrounding the sunken pond, you will find Baptisias, Hibiscus, Physostegia correllii, and clematis overhanging the rock wall and many more plants. In the background across the gravel path, you will find the Souto Sun Garden waking up in the background. 

Photograph G: The sunken garden, water/bog garden and bioretention area, featuring a sunken pond, paved patio and winging steps was added in 2004. As you walk down the sloped path, you will encounter Southern wood fern that overflows the walled rock garden. However, this photo was taken in February/ mid-March with the foliage brown from winter. You are greeted by Iris x louisiana 'Bushfire Moon' (Iris 'Bushfire Moon') leaves fan. To the left of this photo, you will see Hibiscus moscheutos/ Rose Mallow’s seed pods linger for winter interest.

Photograph H: Within the Sunken Pond Garden are several different areas. This photo was taken in mid-March, and you enter from the path that is bordered by a Tall Metasequoia. Here you will find the Southern Wood Ferns bordering the entrance with a Yucca to the right to give architectural interest. In the pond area pictured are the Physostegia correllii (Obedient Plants) and lilies. Since this photo was taken in winter, some of the plants are unremarkable in March, but the Physostegia correllii will be topped in early July with lavender-pink flowers. The phlox and clematis will dangle over the rock wall in the summer filled with lavender blooms. There are several different Louisiana Irises to enjoy later in spring and early summer.