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Rock Garden

Juniper Level Botanic Gardens: Greenhouse Beds


Tucked between the Sales Greenhouses and the Part-Sun-Part Shade Garden, you will find a variety of carnivorous plants such as Sarracenia, sundews, and Venus Fly Traps in a bog garden. The bog garden serves as a retention pond for nursery runoff but is fed by natural springs. Closer to the walking path, the mixed beds showcase more sun-loving plants.

Photograph A: This photo of the Greenhouse beds was taken early spring in late March. The Greenhouse gardens are tucked on the side of the greenhouses open to the public during open house. Here you are greeted by Narcissus to the left. On the raised bed rock garden on the right, you will find Sedum bithynicum overflowing the rock wall with Yucca filamentosa in the midst. On the other side of the berm, you will find a great collection of carnivorous plants such as in different species of Sarracenia, Sundew, and Venus fly plants in the bog garden.