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HOA Pollinator Garden


This HOA is in coastal southern Brunswick County. The old roses were removed and the bed was changed into a butterfly/pollinator garden. It is located between the clubhouse and the tennis court in full sun and surrounded by some pavement. It was started in the fall of 2022 and attracts not only butterflies but other pollinators as bees. The plants are well adapted to the well-drained sandy loam soil and most are drought tolerant once established. As the season progresses the plants will grow and spread, filling in the space.

A butterfly garden needs not only nectar plants but also the host plants that butterflies need to lay their eggs in. Many butterflies and moths will only use specific plants for this. Silvery Checkerspot Butterflies may use the Coreopsis as a host plant. Monarchs will use the milkweed, Swallowtails will use the parsley, several butterflies will use the baptisia and soon some passion flower vines will be planted for the gulf fritillary butterflies. Many birds will eat the seeds from native plants if allowed to form at the end of their bloom season.

The late summer flowers photo shows coneflowers, showy goldenrod and even a few aster blooms starting. The American Beautyberry has some purple berries also. Not showing are the parsley plants that have been eaten but not killed by the butterfly larvae.