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Full Sun Flower Garden


In April 2016, this partial sun to full sun garden bed was just weeds. Each year, we added a bit of shrubs, flowers, bulbs, and herbs. It originally had boxwood bushes before 2015 but we took them as we thought they were a bit boring. We replaced them with azaleas, hydrangeas, hibiscus, rosemary, chrysanthemums, and roses as some core plants to replace the foundational plants. In the garden, we have seasonality with bulbs and shamrocks in the spring such as tulips, daffodils, irises, crocuses, and amaryllis. In between spring and summer come lovely peonies. In the summer, we see the phlox ground covers blooming and in the fall are bursts of color of chrysanthemums. The different colors, textures, and seasonality create something to look at nearly every season and make the front of the house unique and interesting compared to other homes.


To take care of the weeds at the beginning, we did a lot of weeding with tools and added brown paper bags to cut out sunlight to the weeds. Adding about 3 inches of mulch cuts out the sunlight from the weeds too which is what we did next. As the years have gone on, we try to keep a layer of mulch on the garden and weed every now and then by hand when a few weeds or oak trees come over into the garden.