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Foundation Planting- West Side of House


This foundation planting is only in its second year and will fill in more with time. It uses both shrubs and perennial plants to provide color and structure throughout the growing season. Planting on the west side of a home can be a bit of a challenge as it generally gets no morning sun but lots of the hot afternoon sun. 

To the right of the stairs, there are four Abelia shrubs (Linnaea x grandiflora): 'Funshine', 'Edward Gaucher', 'Ruby Anniversary' and 'Sunny Anniversary'. They provide different heights and leaf and flower colors to the planting. The dark purple-leaved penstemons are 'Blackbeard' and they have lovely pink spring blooms. The Clethra is 'Ruby Spice' and there is a young Viburnum dentatum that had its first blooms this year.

To the left of the stairs are two Fothergilla major 'MountAirys' on either side of the Viburnum that not only provide spring blooms but great orange fall color. The Viburnum 'Shasta' blooms with clusters of white flowers and the Callicarpa- American Beautyberry- provides both flowers and purple berries that the birds love. Perennials provide additional color throughout the summer. The Stokesia 'Peachie's Pick' blooms later and is taller than the species.

Year 3:  shows additional plants added including some evergreens. The existing plants are much larger filling in the spaces. On each side of the walkway, a juniper 'gray owl' has been planted and will grow about 3 x 3 feet. To the right of the stairs, thuja 'yellow ribbon' has been added for height, replacing the clethra and one of the abelias was removed. On the left of the stairs, a dwarf yaupon holly was added and will grow 3-5 feet tall and wide and can be pruned. The purple heart will act as a ground cover.